10 VST Plugins you NEED for Music Production 2022 e-finance nummer

by adminHanoiHalongTour

️ All Plugins here ️ NEW: Top 6 midi keyboards! 1. Pigments 2. VintageVerb Raum 3. EchoBoy Jr. Soundtoys Bundle 4. Greg Wells Voicecentric Al Schmitt 5. Alicia’s Keys Arturia Pianos Keyscape 6. Omnisphere Nexus Xpand 2 7. CLA2A CLA76 8. RC-20 Reelight Pro 9. Ozone 10 XO ADSR Sample Manager In this video I list 10 VST plugins you need to buy to start producing music at home. This is my list of the essential plugins you should buy first when you start producing music. These are the top 10 VST plugins to buy right now. This list includes the best synth plugins, the best reverb plugin, the best delay plugin, the best piano plugin, omnisphere, nexus, the best compressor plugins, the best mastering plugins, and the best drum plugins. #Plugins #MusicProduction #SanjayC 0:00 About this video 0:36 Synths 1:37 Reverb 2:11 Delay 3:05 Vocals 3:55 Piano 4:42 Multi-Instrument 5:51 Compressors 6:54 Tape Saturation 7:31 Mastering 8:02 Drum Samplers 9:00 Final thoughts – FOLLOW ME on Social Media- Facebook: Instagram: Soundcloud: Business and speaking engagements: Sanjay@SanjayC.com – LISTEN TO MY MUSIC – Spotify iTunes Google Play – My Music GEAR ( Amazon) – My trusty computer – The best headphones EVER – My main audio interface – Excellent audio interface for beginners or anyone really – Amazing studio monitors for the price – My main keyboard – My preferred mini keyboard – My DAW – Great microphone for vocals The most expressive keyboard The most complete virtual instrument collection – Drum pads with the best sensitivity – My main DAW controller – Expressive control from the future – The ULTIMATE hardware synth The above links may be part of an affiliate program with the respective website. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Tags: top 10 vsts,best vsts,best vst plugins,top vsts 2021,best vsts in 2021 best vsts,2021 best vsts,best vsts for fl studio,best vsts for ableton,fl studio vst,best virtual instruments,best trap vst ,best hip hop vst,best trap plugins,omnisphere, nexus, keyscape, native instruments piano, arturia piano,best plugins to buy 2021,top 10 vsts,top 10 vsts 2021,best vocal vst,best vst,best piano vst,best synth vst, sanjay c, sanjayc, .

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10 VST Plugins you NEED for Music Production 2022

10 VST Plugins you NEED for Music Production 2022

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#VST #Plugins #Music #Production
10 VST Plugins you NEED for Music Production 2022
e-finance nummer
आप यहां बहुत सारी उपयोगी जानकारी देख सकते हैं।: यहाँ और देखें
आप यहां बहुत सारी उपयोगी जानकारी देख सकते हैं।: यहाँ और देखें

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MrGerdbrecht 24/02/2022 - 3:16 Chiều


Don'tbefooled 24/02/2022 - 3:16 Chiều

Guys spread this information.
If you saw the SPAF STORE to all site and social media like facebook, that keep posting cheap vst plugins. Don't get fooled by their false infos and tactics. They are scam. Be aware of their deceiving sales low price cheap plugins. Because they selling piracy plugins.

Sorry to comment here but i want to spread their doing.
Pls be careful.

J. Valdes 24/02/2022 - 3:16 Chiều

Great video. I enjoy using EZ keys for my Rhodes they sound amazing

cyberfuker85 24/02/2022 - 3:16 Chiều

didnt hear any difference between the compressed and not compressed tracks

Brosi 24/02/2022 - 3:16 Chiều

My fave is Serum. Ik it's basic but it's just the best

Dead florist 24/02/2022 - 3:16 Chiều Reply
BAKYT KADER 24/02/2022 - 3:16 Chiều


Can Daslan 24/02/2022 - 3:16 Chiều

What about kv331 audio Synthmaster 2 ? Thank you 🙂

Tyler Robblee 24/02/2022 - 3:16 Chiều

I think this is the first time someones said you get samples with XO (instead of just organizing yours)

Apoll910 24/02/2022 - 3:16 Chiều

What do you think about D16 Group?

christopher short 24/02/2022 - 3:16 Chiều

Prefer Valhalla delays ! Far cheaper than soundtoys just as much function

Uncle Shield 24/02/2022 - 3:16 Chiều

Thanks a lot man. Just subscribed to your channel because of the helpful advice.

Official Silke F 24/02/2022 - 3:16 Chiều

Thank you for this great video tutorial! Blessings, love and best wishes! 😉

Trancelistic Studio 24/02/2022 - 3:16 Chiều

Hmm, to make something fast, I have to go with Refx Nexus 3, dune2 and 3,Avanger as some others.

But on the other hand, make something on my own, then the real analog vst's.

Sean Sloan 24/02/2022 - 3:16 Chiều

annoying voice. UGH!

peter 24/02/2022 - 3:16 Chiều

this is a add

Misha Berger 24/02/2022 - 3:16 Chiều

Best Synth-Serum
Delay-Percision Delay/H-Delay/FreqEcho for the modulation and FREE !
Piano-Keyscape ,which i dont own but i just know it sound
Compressors-La2a/1176 By UAD
BusCOMP-V comp ,i just love adding it on my master bus just gives it some amazing sound

Ceres Lee 24/02/2022 - 3:16 Chiều

What? Pay for plugins?

Troy Pallas Instrumental Music 24/02/2022 - 3:16 Chiều

Great video, lot's of good info !!

Jai Damodar 99 24/02/2022 - 3:16 Chiều

Hi sanju

Samuel Fafa 24/02/2022 - 3:16 Chiều

Wowww thanks for this

Music Production Nerd 24/02/2022 - 3:16 Chiều

Woah, great video mate!

SevenElevenBoy 24/02/2022 - 3:16 Chiều

Nice man! Luckily i have most of this stuff already 😀 But whats also important to point, the Arturia Pianos are all synthetic, while the Native Instruments Pianos are real pianos sampled

Scott Rowe 24/02/2022 - 3:16 Chiều

All about the fab filter plugins. Saturn 2 and Q3 are pretty darn good!

jz3ro 24/02/2022 - 3:16 Chiều

Kontakt and Rigid Audio libraries. BYOME. Vital.

Caesar AGE - PDL 24/02/2022 - 3:16 Chiều

is it this plugins work with mpc beats daw?

SeleDreams 24/02/2022 - 3:16 Chiều

I would say you're going a bit overkill when you talk about it as a start
I personally purchased the komplete 13 ultimate collector edition, the izotope plugins (nectar, neutron, ozone, rx…) which are quite an investment ( tho it's worth the money) but I bought those after years of making music with free software and instruments
so it's not "must have" plugins they're just useful to increase our library of sounds

Learn For Free 24/02/2022 - 3:16 Chiều Reply
Schizo Beats 24/02/2022 - 3:16 Chiều

How do people feel about battery 4? I’m looking for a drum vst

altos white 24/02/2022 - 3:16 Chiều

Sylenth1/serum/nexus 2 are synth's holy trinity for me!

Marcus Poelstra 24/02/2022 - 3:16 Chiều

Good video

Chris Ralph 24/02/2022 - 3:16 Chiều

Your videos are brilliant, Sanjay. Strange question: with these plugins do you hear the effects live in real-time or only on playback after recording?

Kenny Martin Music 24/02/2022 - 3:16 Chiều

So helpful!

Felix Gl 24/02/2022 - 3:16 Chiều

Which controller do you use for the plugins? Or do you use the mouse while playin live?

mostefa chemirou 24/02/2022 - 3:16 Chiều

Think you


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