Achieve Financial Freedom & Money Management | G Edward Griffin Personal Finance Podcast Interview g finance

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Today, Jake and Gino talk about how to achieve financial freedom and money management with G. Edward Griffin on this personal finance podcast. We discuss improving financial literacy, financial education, understanding how to make money, investing and getting rich in today’s financial and economic climate. In this podcast with G. Edward Griffin, you will learn how to find the motivation to save money, create passive income, build wealth and retire early. If you enjoyed this video about how to achieve financial freedom and money management with G. Edward Griffin on this personal finance podcast, please remember to like, share, subscribe and comment if you have any feedback, questions or suggestions. We hope to see you here again soon! Subscribe to this channel for more: #wheelbarrowprofitspodcast #gedwardgriffin #personalfinance #financialfreedom Interested in partnering with Jake & Gino? Jake & Gino Facebook: Jake & Gino Twitter: Jake & Gino Linkedin: Jake & Gino Instagram: .

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Achieve Financial Freedom & Money Management | G Edward Griffin Personal Finance Podcast Interview

Achieve Financial Freedom & Money Management | G Edward Griffin Personal Finance Podcast Interview

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Achieve Financial Freedom & Money Management | G Edward Griffin Personal Finance Podcast Interview
g finance
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Jake & Gino 28/02/2022 - 9:03 Chiều

What was your biggest takeaway from this video?

True and Clean 28/02/2022 - 9:03 Chiều

Turn the book to movie

paul wilson 28/02/2022 - 9:03 Chiều

The thing I've always observed, is life is repetitive … and boring as fuck.

Carl Johanson 28/02/2022 - 9:03 Chiều

liberal economists went from a chicken in every pot to live in the pod and eat the bugs.
from the war on poverty to you will have no privacy, own nothing, and be happy. they aren't
advocating for a house and two cars anymore, they want neo-feudalism and depopulation

David Oustifine 28/02/2022 - 9:03 Chiều

Question authority and question everything!!!

Nuno Santos 28/02/2022 - 9:03 Chiều

Gosh! This podcast was done before the C0v1d farse! Prophetic!

Bill Karmetsky 28/02/2022 - 9:03 Chiều

Mr. Griffin is one of my absolute heroes. I can count my heroes on one hand with three fingers, if one catches my meaning. The solution to the Federal Reserve is to make stinks. Constant, unrelenting, 24/7. Storm their gates, in other words. Figuratively as situation requires. But we are overdue for such. It's not just for Americans. For our species and planet and universe.

Martin Reynolds 28/02/2022 - 9:03 Chiều

I got this book on audible. I loved it. I was surprised could not buy a hard copy at Barnes and Noble. I have told dozens of people about CFJI and another great one, A World Without Cancer. I will subscribe, thanks.

Aintitfun Beingslaves 28/02/2022 - 9:03 Chiều

You-boobs obviously hiding these Edward Griffin video's from the public… views? What a scam this system is!

Jw9dneu7 28/02/2022 - 9:03 Chiều

46:00. You’re describing The Great Reset. They are using COVID as the avenue for it.

Anthony Barrett 28/02/2022 - 9:03 Chiều


Anthony Barrett 28/02/2022 - 9:03 Chiều


Cessaly D Hutchinson 28/02/2022 - 9:03 Chiều

Me too! Thankful he’s still around!

john massey 28/02/2022 - 9:03 Chiều

Today was the first day I become aware of G Edward Griffon…! My political ignorance is hurting my head…. This guy really speaks well and explains it so clear….

Jay White 28/02/2022 - 9:03 Chiều

I think Griffin has great intentions. I wish there was something we could do besides hoard a bit of gold and silver that will probably wind up being confiscated like in 1933 or a windfall 70% tax on precious metals if the dollar collapses.

Love Supreme 28/02/2022 - 9:03 Chiều

Read CFJI about 20 years ago. Thanks Mr Griffin.

Eric Anderson 28/02/2022 - 9:03 Chiều

Question for G. Edward Griffin: Since the major currencies have CBs, wouldn't it be reckless now to abolish the FED? Without our own FED countries like China will print money and buy other countries like they are doing in Pakistan and Angola. I think the genie is out of the bottle and the best thing we can do to save ourselves is be the last to default on our debt. That means fiscal responsibility, but we cant end the FED now lest we let the other CBs rue the day.

Eric Anderson 28/02/2022 - 9:03 Chiều

Thanks so much for the new Content from G. Edward Griffin. I was just listening to your interview of Soviet Subversion of the Free World Press, 1984 with Yuri Bezmenov. I know you because of your awesome book The Creature from Jekyll Island and I didn't recognize you in that old video, but recognized your voice. Thanks for being there and providing us with valuable insight into our world and future.

Anthony D 28/02/2022 - 9:03 Chiều

Really great info right up until the part you talk about "Crypto". First of all, 99% of crytpo is bullshit, but Bitcoin is not. It's intrinsic value is it's ability to settle transactions without a 3rd party.

Boris Popovich 28/02/2022 - 9:03 Chiều

Right on the money, and for some reason very few people understand the real reason why US invades selectively some countries, although it's clear as day because they start talking about rejecting US dollar. When I tell people that, I am met with glazed looks and scilence. They don't get it. Many times the context is what backs up the dollar, or why we are spending so much money on the military when we could solve homelesness or whatever, but the only thing that backs up the dollar is the guns. So, issue money out of thin air, loan it out, make guns, and keep it going…

kocotube01 začasni 28/02/2022 - 9:03 Chiều

What if ?… story
For a while now I am toying with an idea that ties to the fact that current economic model is like a Monopoly game. Few (or only one) win the game and all others loose. Since I've only recognized this fact (not trying to correct it), as if it was a product of societal development, I will try now to develop a simple adaptation idea for the future of world economics.
World of free market that would be as fruitful for the people as could be. And would recognize all the effort and sacrifice of previous generations. … Lets reset the "game" then. Lets evaluate all that mankind (infrastructure, hardware and knowledge) has accumulated so far. How much is its global worth? Could everyone who is alive right now be a millionaire (in whichever currency)?
Lets say we live 100 years and a year has 10 months. That is 1000 months in one`s life. If every person at birth is to be given a million (a new million is created by a birth of a new child), he/she would have 1000 units of that currency per month to spend until death. At death that million would be taken out from circulation (individualized money that has your number on it).
Question arises: Is this reset good for individual. Those without land would have to buy food. But now farmers could be in position of independent price forming (getting paid properly for their labor). And with extra money they could directly finance robotics developers that would crate robots that benefit farmers directly. And so would those robot developers earn extra money for the food and leisure … and … the cycle begins.
… Those who work manually and/or with their brains would accumulate money that could then be invested into new projects of their choosing or leisure. And those who don't work and have no innovative ideas would loose money. If you invest wisely, disperse in many benefiting inventions (and not spend all on food, housing and clothes) you get rewarded with influx from products that were developed and sold as result of your investments.
But remember: whatever you do with your money, wherever that million ends in those 100 years, all your money will be erased after you die. So there is no danger of inflation, there are no central banks needed, there are no banks at all, since there is no interests possible, there are no money lenders, there is no ministry of finances, that regulates currency flows and no taxation from the state, since there is no money related bureaucracy. People invest in what they consider worth or necessary investing, in amounts they judge appropriate individually.
And this "monopoly game" has its objective that is different from to-days economic farce: Aim is not to win by grabbing all the money (few or only one winner) and thus ending the game, but to play the game as long as you can (game never ends).
Of course this idea is "just plainly ridiculous" at first glance. And at second. But what if…?

There is not more and more currency in circulation. There is no arbitrary printing of money by/for most powerful actors. There is as many millions as there are living people. Once you`ve died, all the currency with "your name on it" (your serial number) becomes worthless and is taken out of the circulation.
So, essentially you would start with a million, gradually releasing it into circulation and died taking your million out completely. And since during your life your money has been dispersed according to your real needs, no one would "suffer" much for loosing a few of your currency points becoming worthless by your death.
So, individual would be encouraged from the start not to overindulge (1000 point per month doesn't make you infinitely rich) and to live by the motto of creating new quality that benefits all (action that attracts outside investment). Also there would be no need for the state to exist in such a megalomaniac form of bureaucratic regulatory capacity (with standing armies and Intelligence apparatus) that few individuals would be willing to support.
And problem with intellectual property would fall away also, if there would be none. All access to knowledge is open. You create new code for worker robots to operate better, you get paid by investors and by sales. One time operation, without any long turn royalties. If someone is prepared to work on using your idea and developing it further, that person gets financially rewarded for that one improvement or work on replicating a product and has no extra protection. Development would be driven by real needs of people (investors and buyers) and all needles product would be financially discouraged (no consumerism mentality).
So, people would be initially forced to invest into sectors that satisfy their basic needs and make them more price efficient (food, housing, clothes…) and only then would invest in the indulging lifestyles. By giving every person a million at the start of the life would ensure fair play starting position for everyone and destroy any need for horizontal social mobility and horizontal exclusivity cartel associations.
Maybe one additional feature of the currency "million with your number on it" would be possibility of tracking the future use of the money you've spent. To see what your money is doing out in the real world is very "regulatory" on its own.
As I've said, a very bizarre idea on the first glance and second, ….but what if…?

If there are to be 10 billion people on the Earth by 2050`s (watch any of Hans Rosling's presentation of world statistic), then all the currency in circulation would amount to 10 quadrillion. That amount would be more or less constant, since the global population`s exponential growth of 18th-20th centuries has already essentially leveled at future constant number of 10 billion people living on the planet. A million more ore less wouldn't change anything.
What really creates inflation are the Central banks creating new money by new loans (private and to governments) in amounts of new trillions. And interests on that money lent. And all the financial derivatives and future gambling financial investments. That all would be gone. Together with stocks. Money/currency would be the only "stock".
 John Doe wouldn't receive a million suddenly, but it would be created only by his birth, no other reason for creating money would be allowed. So, if the population will have leveled at 10 billion people around 2050, then amount of money in circulation should be relatively constant.
And then it is the question for every individual to answer: What kind of a world do you want to live in? What will you do to realize that future? After asking those questions, it is your individual "free choice to develop" that future with your money`s influence. Money as a future creating tool, a tool that is today reserved only for the "chosen" ones (rich monopolists), who regularly reset the Monopoly game system by creating financial crises and property/resources acquisition.
Oh, if you are wondering what would become of today`s billionaires and trillionaires, Earl John Doe the III`s? Well they would still have a million of their own after the reset, just like all the others.

This is my what if…EVERY MILLIONAIRE? story. If it doesn't resonate with you, please, move on, to others. … Or add to it.

AniJarPlus Lord 28/02/2022 - 9:03 Chiều

G Edward Griffin you are still awesome and still handsome

DD M 28/02/2022 - 9:03 Chiều

Great Questions! I needed to hear the answers to all of the ones you asked. New to your site, glad I found you!

yamela areesamarn 28/02/2022 - 9:03 Chiều

I think his information is very valuable.

The Resident Alien Invasion 28/02/2022 - 9:03 Chiều Reply
Andrew Lee 28/02/2022 - 9:03 Chiều

Did not expect to see G. Edward on here! Excellent.


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